Alférez del Tercio

Tercios were very powerful infantry military units in 16th-17th century Spain.  They were generally made up of 1/3 pikemen, 1/3 swordsmen, and 1/3 firearms, hence the name “tercio”, meaning “third”.  An Alférez would have been a flag bearer.  Here’s the Wikipedia page I stole this information from, because I only learned about them a few weeks ago while drawing and coloring this piece at the same time. Wikipedia – Tercio

This page has a lot more in-depth information and is a little easier to understand (at least for me): The Spanish “Tercios”

In looking at references, I came across the work of Agusto Ferrer-Dalmau.  His piece, “Alférez de España“, is one that has sort of stuck with me — so far I think it’s one of my favorites.  As I was writing this and looking at his website, I saw a banner image detail of another piece of his, “El Milagro de Empel” and decided it’s my second favorite.

I consider this a bit of a redo of The Renaissance Spaniard from a few years ago.


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