Glow – 10 x 20 Acrylic

Blonde-Gir2lSometimes I mindlessly doodle patterns as an excuse to use a smoothly-writing pen (in my case, a Christmas present of many pens!).  A day or two before New Year’s Eve, I doodled drew a row of c’s, then underneath, drew another row of backwards c’s.  The result looked like stylized wavy hair, and I thought of John Bauer’s long wavy-haired fairy tale girls.  After quickly sketching a couple of plans, I finally got to use my new 10×20 canvas and painted this.

Normally my paintings don’t have such a clear plan; and this was such a nice change.  My lack of a concrete vision coupled with being afraid to ‘mess it all up’ tends to result in a ton of unfinished pieces.  And it’s all quite silly, really, because with acrylics, you can always just paint over it!  And if you’re using watercolors…well… paint over it with acrylics! haha

Anyway, I hope everyone is having and will have a wonderful New Year!


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