Dev and Kiran from Whitefire Crossing

Unfortunately, there are many books in my Nook Color that I’ve downloaded but never read; the majority of them found when Barnes and Noble still had Free Fridays.  (Or at least when you could still access it easily.)  Amongst my dusty collection is The Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer.  I finally decided to actually read it–and it’s pretty good!  So here’s my sketch fanart of Dev, a smuggler and apparently amazing rock climber, and Kiran, the person Dev has been hired to smuggle into another country.  

Kiren and Dev from Whitefire Crossing

By the way, “Kiran” is very hard to spell correctly!

On my second day reading, I’m about halfway through the book–which is a miracle for me because I am not one of those cool people who read books a lot.  No, I am not. 😦  Anyway, the pace is really picking up and I’m all excited about reading some more.


2 thoughts on “Dev and Kiran from Whitefire Crossing

  1. “Kiran” and “Dev” are actually perfectly normal Indian names. Kiran, in particular, means ray (of light), and is actually used perfectly here – it’s the sort of name you associate with a beautiful youth, or a beautiful girl. Dev, literally angel/demon, can be stretched to mean ubermensch; a famous example is Dev Anand, the Grand Old Man of Bollywood, who died not long ago. Though Ruslan is almost certainly Russian, and means lion 🙂

    Now I think about it, damn these names are well chosen!

    And I really like your drawing, too. Though Dev is perhaps a bit slender, for a strong man?

    • Wow, I never knew this! It’s great seeing the thoughtfulness authors put in building their world, and Courtney Schafer absolutely picked great names for them — with Ruslan, too. 😀

      Thank you – with all that rock-climbing he had to do, yeah he was probably a little bigger!

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