Old Wandering Conquistador

Old Wandering Conquistador

I thought of him as the last conquistador left, still wandering around because he never got the memo that his fellow soldiers are done doing their damage. Besides, what could he conquer by himself? He’s not sure, but his irrational sense of duty compels him.

Originally I wanted to try some different lighting and have the foreground a dark reddish tone and the background a yellow tone. Somewhere along the way I derped, got confused over the coloring, and vigorously scrubbed many areas to the point of rubbing away the ink… and then slapped more paint on the worn-out paper for good measure.:D The hooves got it pretty bad.

Okay, no more conquistadors for a while, I promise.

5″ x 6″ Done in watercolor, prismacolor marker, microns, and tombow markers.


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