cute mermaid girl ACEO

Mermaid Kiddo – ACEO

cute mermaid girl ACEO

“Kiddo” isn’t exactly a word I use in my everyday language… but she just looks like a “kiddo” to me. 😀

I procrastinated on this one for SO long!  Drawing the entire scene took little time at all–in fact, I think from concept to inking, it took only two days.  (Okay, well it’s fast for me!)  But when it came time for me to choose how to color it, I could not come up with a color scheme that was different from Disney’s Ariel, yet still fit in with the blues and greens of the ocean.  My understanding of color theory, I have discovered, is chaotic and confused–I don’t really go by concrete rules or knowledge, but how it ‘feels’ or ‘seems’.  And while that’s romantic, it’s easier to know why certain colors work or not!

Today though, I finally felt detached from this piece and decided to use the mermaid girl’s face to experiment with my flesh-toned Tombow markers that I had a hard time with a while ago.  Once that was done, I got the confidence to finish out the rest of the card!

Since the mermaid is the center of attention, I wanted her to dictate the color scheme.  Trying to avoid the red and green of Ariel’s design, I looked at one of her sisters, Attina, to see how the character designers designed a mermaid with brown hair.  (I found out about her while lurking around a Disney wiki site, lol.  I’ve been watching so many Disney clips lately.)  Then I utilized my colorless blenders to create much lighter shades of green with the rather dark markers I have.  For the blue background, I did a simple blue watercolor wash, then some white paint for the bubbles.

That’s about it!  Hope you enjoyed her! 🙂


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