Tree silhouette on orange watercolor background

Usually I hate drawing trees–but this time was fun! It actually came out okay!

Lately I’ve been browsing ACEOs that feature these complicated subjects. When other artists draw/paint at such a small scale, sometimes you can pick out little simplifying tricks they use to paint subjects that are normally difficult. A blob with lines running down all of a sudden makes a convincing tree! Or even off the subject of ACEOs– Bob Ross’s brown squiggly lines among a green background look like branches sticking out of some foliage!

So it’s not so much drawing branches and leaves, but rather leaving the impression of branches and leaves.

With trees, one of the (many) things I need to figure out is just how their branches are structured; it’s pretty easy to make a tree look like a fork with too many “teeth”! So, I’m looking forward to doing more. 😀


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