Springtime Maiden Art Card

Springtime Maiden – ACEO Fun!

Springtime Maiden Art Card

Springtime Maiden ACEO

I made my first ACEO card!  Yay!  There are two others that I’ll post up later, but this one is #1.  I put this one up on ebay, so if you like,  you can check it out if you’re interested in it!

Oh, and I finally sold my Bob Dylan painting!  Totally happy that “he’s” gone to a good home. 🙂

The weather down here has been quite pleasant, actually.  Usually our seasons go from fall to summer with a couple of days of winter in between, haha.  But it’s been breezy, cool, and usually cloudy in the 80’s… that’s a nice spring!

I will not remind any students of the status of their Spring Break (:'(), but I will instead look forward to Easter break!  Now, I don’t really have a school or job to “break from” but it’s nice to have people around the home all day instead of late afternoon.

And this year, I’ve been seeing Easter in a more personal way.  It’s not really just a “holiday” for me anymore, but a time of meditation over what my Savior did for me; taking my place of punishment for me…  lots of thinking and mulling over it this year.

Anyway, the plan is to post up the other two ACEOs and hopefully start on a brand new watercolor painting.


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