Whoops, I have a WordPress blog.

I’m a bit strange, but a time-wasting hobby of mine is to go on random sites, get to the registration page, come up with interesting usernames, domain names, etc and seeing if they’re available.  No signing up or anything… just to see the little green check marks or words that say “This name is available!”.

So in the “create a new blog” page I put “messysketchbook” in and then clicked “upgrade to pro” out of curiosity. I thought I’d just see all the features and stuff… not actually create the blog!

It’s okay though.  I was thinking of creating a shiny new blog anyway, just not necessarily this name or at this time.  My hosting will run out in January and I can’t afford another year, so I get to play with wordpress until the day I can get a “legit” website again!

So I guess I need to work on some art to put up, huh?


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